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This is Control and Stability

in Vitreoretinal Surgery




Alcon Vitreoretinal surgical platform with DATAFUSION™ for seamless OR integration

An image of the CONSTELLATION Vision system on a purple background.

HYPERVIT® Dual Blade Vitrectomy Probe


Designed for stability with 20,000 cuts per minute and a continuously open port.

An image of the HYPERVIT Dual Blade Vitrectomy Probe. The device appears on a purple background.

Advanced ULTRAVIT® Beveled High Speed Probe


Designed for improved retinal tissue plane access with dual-pneumatic, high-speed cutting and a beveled tip*.


*When compared to non beveled tip Vitrectomy probe.

An image of the 25+ Gauge and 27+ Gauge Advanced ULTRAVIT Beveled High Speed Probes side by side. The devices appear on a purple background.

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