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1 drop.

8 hours

dry eye relief.2


Our most advanced dry eye solution, preservative-free

New Systane Complete Preservative-free Lubricating Eye Drops box and multi-dose bottle

SYSTANE® COMPLETE Preservative-Free

See how the technology and science of SYSTANE® COMPLETE PF supports all layers of the tear film and protects against tear evaporation3,4

white eye drop icon
white eye drop icon

An aging population, pollution, and an increase in the use of digital devices all contribute to the rapidly growing dry eye market5,6

doughnut chart showing 86%
doughnut chart showing 86%

86% of dry eye sufferers have clinical signs of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and may benefit from a drop like SYSTANE® COMPLETE PF7

SYSTANE® COMPLETE Preservative-Free gives your patients what they want

    Effective | Provides immediate and lasting symptom relief

    *Based on 45.5% of baseline patients, who reported moderate to severe symptoms; n=61

    Ergonomic | New multi-dose bottle is designed for easier handling and less drop spillage.*


    of patients prefer MDPF packaging

    over unit-dose vials8**



    of ECPs said the bottle

    used for SYSTANE® MDPF products

    is easy and intuitive8†


    *vs. usage of unit-dose vials

    hand holding ergonomic multi-dose bottle of Systane Complete Preservative-Free


    Saves Patients 75% of the cost per dose vs. unit-dose vials*


    Helps with a recommendation barrier of preservative-free artificial tears based on cost.9


    *Compared to SYSTANE® HYDRATION PF UD vials. 

    Woman having conversation with her doctor, both wearing masks

    Environment | Multi-dose bottle reduces packaging and plastic waste



    Saves nearly two pounds of plastic per customer per year10*


    • One multi-dose bottle replaces 120 unit-dose vials10**
    • ~96% reduction in plastic vs. unit-dose preservative-free vials10*


    *Based on two drops per eye of SYSTANE® COMPLETE Preservative-Free per day and two unit-dose vials of dry eye drops per day.

    **Calculation based on comparison of SYSTANE® COMPLETE PF vs. SYSTANE® HYDRATION UD; 1 drop per eye per dose. 

    Systane Complete Preservative-Free multi-dose bottle sitting on top of many plastic unit-dose vials




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