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Empower Your Practice With SMART Solutions


A comprehensive cloud-based Digital Health Solutions (DHS) platform designed to connect your  practice, so it can work smarter.

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Your Practice Working Smarter



SMARTCataract empowers your practice to work more efficiently and deliver optimal outcomes for patients. And you’ll have Alcon’s best-in-class technology and customer support helping your practice run at its best. 




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Connected and Streamlined

SMARTCataract was designed specifically for ophthalmology, to seamlessly connect data systems, diagnostic devices and surgical equipment, from the clinic to the OR. All to help practices operate with greater efficiency, flexibility and accuracy1-5

Remote Based Planning
Remote Based Planning

Remote Based Planning


Keep all your patient data in one secure place, and access it anytime, based anywhere.

Diagnostic Devices
Diagnostic Devices

Diagnostic Devices


Patient data is automatically transferred between devices, taking manual data entry out of your planning and surgical workflow.

Surgical Equipment
Surgical Equipment

Surgical Equipment


Alcon’s surgical suite puts the industry’s most comprehensive image guidance platform at your fingertips.6,7

Ready to learn more about how SMARTCataract can streamline your practice?

Streamline Surgical Planning with SMART Solutions1-5

Experience SMARTCataract, Alcon's First SMART Solutions Application


SMARTCataract automatically evaluates patient data and takes into account surgeon preferences, preferred formulas and lens types to efficiently guide the surgical planning stage. 


Surgeons make optimized recommendations that help lead to better outcomes, paired with seamless transfer of patient data that removes the need for redundant data entry.


With SMARTCataract, the future of surgical planning is here.


Comprehensive Surgical Planning & Astigmatism Management

Robust Optimization & Outcomes Based Reporting*


*When integrated with ORA SYSTEM® technology.

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Prepare From Anywhere


SMART Solutions puts the information you need for pre-op planning securely in the cloud, so your files are easily accessible. With multi-user access, you and your team will have the freedom to create, review, and revise surgical plans from anywhere, anytime, without being tethered to a particular device or office.

Create & Access Surgical Plans Via Remote Planning

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Get Next-Level Accuracy


Reduce manual transcription errors with automated, cloud-based data transfer, and leverage the industry’s most comprehensive image guidance platform to improve surgical accuracy.6,7


Automated Data Transfer Designed for Security


Enabled with integrated Image Guidance by Alcon®.

Alcon Surgical Machines

Why Alcon8,9

We designed the SMART Solutions platform to optimize your practice and grow along with it. You’ll have the support your practice needs every step of the way.

Reporting & Optimization
Reporting & Optimization

Reporting & Optimization


SMART Solutions automatically presents post-op data for your review. With personalized tracking, reporting, and optimization features at your disposal, each procedure will help improve the next.




Alcon has partnered with industry-leading names in healthcare technology to maximize SMART Solutions’ cloud-based capabilities and meet the highest standards of security.

Collaborative Service
Collaborative Service

Collaborative Service


With 1000+ clinical and technical experts globally, Alcon’s service and support teams are ready, 24/7, to make sure you and your staff have the training resources, and the best-in-class Alcon support you are used to.

Philips Health Suite & AWS Logos
Philips Health Suite & AWS Logos

Work More Efficiently10

Compared to the standard of care, surgeons who use SMARTCataract in their practice can achieve significant efficiency gains and time savings per patient. 

Work Efficiently Graphic

Efficiency gains with adoption of SMARTCataract:



  • Reduce time spent manually entering patient data into individual devices in the clinic and OR
  • Obviate the need for manual IOL power calculation during surgery planning
  • Reduce the number of transcription points required throughout the cataract surgery workflow


Efficiancy Gains Image

Adopting SMARTCataract may:



  • Increase patient volume at the practice due to time savings per procedure
  • Reduce human transcription error across the surgery paradigm
  • Improve the practice workflow
  • Improve patient satisfaction


Adopting SMARTCataract may:



    See the equipment product manuals for Important Product Information.




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