U.S. Technical Service Frequently Asked Questions

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Technical Services

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Q : Why should I enroll in the Alcon Partners in Patient Care Program?

A : The Alcon Partners in Patient Care Program offers unparalleled value. Alcon Field Engineers work exclusively with Alcon equipment. They are trained in surgical and clinical environments, as well as advanced technical issues. By providing peak instrumentation performance, the Alcon Partners in Patient Care Program lets you focus on your patients. Our engineers maintain your instrumentation properly so that it meets the safety requirements of all relevant regulatory agencies. In-service training puts your patients in the care of well-trained staff. Additionally, Partners in Patient Care means less patient waiting and rescheduling, minimizing equipment downtime, so that you can be more effective.

Q : Will this help me reduce my costs?

A : Yes. Unexpected service costs are virtually eliminated. In addition, budgeting is easier and more accurate with the Alcon Partners in Patient Care Program fixed annual cost. Multiple-year, multiple-machine agreements can be a part of your program. This means you save because the cost will be fixed for the term of the agreement. Key account pricing and flexible financing is available.

Q : Will the Alcon Partners in Patient Care Program increase my efficiency?

A : Yes. Regular maintenance of equipment helps avoid untimely failure and the time-consuming process of rescheduling patients. Staff productivity is also enhanced through in-service training. Finally, your program requires only one purchase order.

Q : Similar services can be obtained from other sources. Why should I choose Alcon Laboratories?

A : No other service can match the benefits of our program! Alcon Field Engineers, trained in surgical and clinical applications, can easily identify downtime or operator error. For example, other services may not have the expertise or equipment necessary to fix or calibrate Alcon instrumentation. Alcon uses genuine factory parts and assemblies that are readily available to Alcon Field Engineers. You purchase Alcon equipment because of its excellence and value-added benefits --- enroll in the Alcon Partners in Patient Care Program for the same reasons.

Q : What are the specific benefits?

A : Alcon Field Engineers --- Alcon Field Engineers know and comply with our strict manufacturing guidelines to make certain that equipment is performing to specification. They work only on Alcon equipment, and they keep a comprehensive service record of your equipment history.
  • Emergency Service --- On-site emergency service reduces downtime and minimizes surgery schedule interruption.
  • Scheduled Preventive Maintenance --- An on-site calibration, in-depth evaluation and component cleaning help avoid unanticipated downtime.
  • System Upgrades --- Many software and hardware refinements that extend the life of your equipment are included at no additional charge.
  • In-Service Training --- On-site training for your staff to help improve efficiency and boost confidence.
  • Parts and Labor --- All parts, travel and labor are included, for one fixed cost. Please refer to your customized Alcon Partners in Patient Care Program proposal for an exact listing of the benefits you will receive.

Q : How fast is the response for an on-site emergency service call with the Alcon Partners in Patient Care Program?

A : Our goal is to get your instrumentation on-line before your next surgery date so you and your patients are not affected. To meet that goal, the most frequently needed replacement parts are carried by your Alcon Field Engineer, with others available by overnight delivery.

Q : We've had some personnel changes. Will my Alcon Field Engineer provide in-service training?

A : Certainly. The Alcon Partners in Patient Care Program delivers training for your staff whenever needed. Just call to schedule an appointment or advise your Alcon representative.

Q : Is there someone I can call to answer technical questions and solve problems?

A : Yes. Our Technical Support Specialists are available Monday - Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, to provide answers to all your technical questions. The toll-free number is 800-TEC-SVCS 800-832-7827, Ext 2.

Q : Do you offer financing?

A : Yes. In certain situations, financing is an option.

Q : Who should I contact for additional information?

A : For additional information, contact your Alcon representative at 800-TEC-SVCS 800-832-7827.

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