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The world's first and only one-day toric contact lens with blink-activated moisture features two cylinder powers, - 0.75D
and -1.50D at six axes (20°, 70°, 90°, 110°, 160°, and 180°), to provide more astigmatic patients with the comfort they've been seeking.

Designed for Stability.See More

  • Toric Back Surface Design matching the toricity of the cornea to help minimize rotation
  • Dual Thin Zone Design for quick stabilization
Stability Design

Designed for Patient Comfort.See More

  • Constant Thin Edge for optimal comfort as a result of proprietary LIGHTSTREAM® Lens Technology
  • Dual Thin Zone Design reduces interaction with the eyelids for optimal comfort
comfort Design

Blink-Activated Moisture TechnologySee More

FOCUS® DAILIES® Toric contact lenses have proprietary technology that releases a moisturizing agent with every blink for refreshing all-day comfort.