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Meet the Systane® Family

Designed for different Dry Eye Needs

Explore the Systane® range with specially designed formulations that address different types of patient's dry eye needs. Find the Systane® eye drop that is appropriate for your patient, depending on their symptoms and underlying causes. Also, learn more about Systane® proprietary HP-Guar® Intelligent Delivery System2 and its benefits that make Systane® the #1 Dry Eye brand in Australia & New Zealand.

HP-Guar -Technology


Hydroxypropyl-guar, or HP-Guar, acts as a gelling agent, creating an elastic matrix on the corneal surface upon instillation,2 producing a protective environment and forming a bio-adhesive gel that binds specifically to the hydrophobic regions of the cornea, where integrity is compromised.3

Benefits of HP-Guar include:

  • Increased retention4
  • Prolonged protection4
  • Greater hydration and lubrication compared to HA alone4


HP Guar

For All Types of Dry Eye


Some patients suffer from a combination of both the Evaporative Dry Eye, with tears evaporating too quickly, and the Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye, where the lacrimal gland doesn’t product enough tear fluid.5 The All-In-One Dry Eye relief is now Preservative-Free.


For Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye


Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye indicates Dry Eye as a result of a lacrimal gland tear secretion defect. Essentially, the lacrimal gland doesn’t produce enough tear fluid5.

Also, learn more about our PRESERVATIVE-FREE products.

For Evaporative Dry Eye


As the name suggests, tears evaporate too quickly but lacrimation (watering) is normal.5 One of the leading causes is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).5


Other Dry Eye Products


Discover more products to help your patients manage their Dry Eye symptoms.

Other Dry Eye Products

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