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Key Benefits

Systane® HYDRATION PRESERVATIVE-FREE Lubricant Eye Drops provide LONG-LASTING1-3 Dry Eye relief:


  • Dual-action hydration of the ocular surface1 recommended for pre and post surgery
  • Supports the corneal healing process4
  • Contains hyaluronic acid for 2x more moisture retention#
  • Designed for moderate to severe Dry Eye sufferers*
  • Suitable for use with soft contact lenses


10mL Preservative-Free formula available in Australia only.

Systane HYDRATION PF pack shot



#than hyaluronic acid alone in a laboratory study 
*recommendation based on expected on eye viscosity

Features & Technology

  • Combines HP-Guar and hyaluronic acid, shown to provide 2x greater moisture retention compared to drops which contain hyaluronic acid alone1
  • HP-Guar acts as an elastic matrix that holds the active ingredients (PEG/PG) on the ocular surface for rapid relief1-3
  • Patented PureFlow® Technology ensures no contaminated liquid or air can be reintroduced into the container, enabling a preservative-free formulation
Features and Technology

Patient Benefits


  • Ideal for long-lasting relief1-3 for tired, irritated Dry Eye
  • Also recommended for LASIK or cataract patients seeking relief from Dry Eye symptoms
  • Suitable for moderate to severe Dry Eye sufferers*
  • Can be used with soft contact lenses**
  • 3 months expiry after opening
  • Also available in convenient unit dose vials
mother and daughter on couch

*recommendation based on expected on-eye viscosity

**please refer to instructions for use



1. Rangarajan R, Kraybill B, Ogundele A, Ketelson H. Effects of a Hyaluronic Acid/Hydroxypropyl Guar Artificial Tear Solution on Protection, Recovery, and Lubricity in Models of Corneal Epithelium. J. Ocul. Pharmacol. Ther. 2015;31(8):491-497.

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4. Carlson E, et al. Impact of Hyaluronic Acid-Containing Artificial Tear Products on Reepitheliazation in an In Vivo Corneal Wound Model. J Ocul Pharmacol Ther. 2018;34(4):360-364.



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