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Step Up Your Practice to CENTURION®-based Phaco Performance Advantages


Alcon’s CENTURION®-based phaco systems provide you and your hospital with an advanced technology in phacoemulsification. Learn more about how our CENTURION®-based systems can step up your practice.

Step Up Your Practice to CENTURION®-based
Phaco Performance Advantages


Alcon’s CENTURION®-based phaco systems provide you and your hospital with an advanced technology in phacoemulsification. Learn more about how our CENTURION®-based systems can step up your practice.


Incremental and premium table


System with ACTIVE

SENTRY® Handpiece


Technology in phacoemulsification, offering a new baseline of safety, consistency and efficiency in every cataract procedure.1,4,6,7,12,24-26

CENTURION Vision System with ACTIVE SENTRY Handpiece in front of a light-blue background

CENTURION® Silver System


The most advanced gravity system from Alcon, with excellent stability and efficiency during phacoemulsification.5-7,17,27-30

CENTURION Silver System in front of a light-blue background

INTREPID® Phaco Tips and I/A Handpieces


Enhance phaco procedures by merging CENTURION®-based systems technology with the effectiveness and versatility of the INTREPID® Hybrid Tip, INTREPID® BALANCED tip and INTREPID® Transformer I/A Handpiece.13,14,31,32

INTREPID BALANCED Tip and I/A Handpiece in front of a grey background

Alcon Experience Academy


For relevant training content from industry thought leaders

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    Please refer to relevant product directions for use or operator’s  manuals for list of indications, contraindications and warnings.

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