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Compliant Patients Come In
for More Eye Exams1


In multiple studies, patients who wore daily disposable or monthly replacement contact lenses demonstrated greater compliance* as compared to 2-week replacement lenses.2,3,4 Now, a study of 141 practices nationwide has shown for the first time that contact lens patients who comply* with the Manufacturer-Recommended Replacement Frequency (MRRF) come back for more eye examinations.1

In this study of 2,147 contact lens patients, wearers of 2-week replacement lenses were significantly less compliant with the MRRF than wearers of both daily disposable and monthly replacement lenses (34% versus 74% and 67%, both p<0.001).1 Additionally, patients who were not compliant with the MRRF had a longer interval between eye examinations than compliant wearers. The mean interval between eye exams was 16 months (median 14 months) and was longer for wearers who were non-compliant with the MRRF (17.4 months versus 14.5 months, p<0.001).1

The study also found that patients who were not compliant with the MRRF were less likely to purchase an annual supply of lenses. Those who did purchase lenses from their ECP were found to attend more eye examinations.1

Helping you increase compliance for more business growth

Compliance with the replacement schedule is one of the most important factors for success with your patients and in your practice. Learn how to address it in two steps:
1) Understanding complance and
2) Using replacement schedule to counter non-compliance.

How to reduce non-compliance


Step 1: Understand why compliance is an issue for many patients


A peer-reviewed study of 1,654 patients showed that the #1 reason for non-compliance is that patients forget the day to replace their lenses.1

Forgetfulness is the top reason for non-compliance to contact lens wearing schedules

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Step 2: Replacement schedule is a powerful driver for compliance



1-day and 1-month replacement lens wearers demonstrate greater compliance*

Three studies with nearly 3,000 patients at academic research institutions showed that 1-day and 1-month replacement lens wearers are far more compliant than 2-week replacement lens wearers.1,2,3

1-Day and 1-Month replacement wearers are more compliant than 2-week replacement contact lens wearers

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Compliance can lead to a positive lens wearing experience

According to a study on 1,389 SiHy contact lens wearers, compliant patients rated comfort and vision significantly better than non-compliant patients.5**


Replacing lenses on a daily basis or monthly basis may be easier to remember and may help increase patient satisfaction.