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contact lenses


Comfort all month long

Monthly disposable silicone hydrogel contact lenses that offer consistent, comfortable wear from Day 1 to Day 30.


AIR OPTIX AQUA contact lens pack

Why you’ll like AIR OPTIX™ AQUA


  • AIR OPTIX™ AQUA contact lenses feature SmartShield® Technology, which creates an ultra-thin protective layer to help shield your lenses from irritating deposits and provide consistent comfort all month long.
  • AIR OPTIX™ AQUA contact lenses are made of a highly breathable material that allows oxygen to flow continuously through the lens.
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Find an Optometrist Near Me


A regular annual eye exam with an optometrist is important as prescriptions can change at any time. Make sure your eyes stay healthy and visit your local optometrist.


    This comes down to the individual. Contact lenses have been a popular alternative to glasses for decades. Moreover, there have been massive strides in contact lens technology in recent years. Speak to your eye care professional for advice and recommendations.

    The materials used depend on the type of contact lens. Some soft contacts are made of hydrophilic ‘water-loving’ polymers called hydrogels. Others are made from newer silicone hydrogel, which allows a high amount of oxygen to travel through the lens.

    This depends upon the modality you are wearing. Daily disposable contact lenses are developed to last from application in the morning until removal in the mid to late evening. Monthly contact lenses should only be worn for a maximum of 1 month. In all cases, we advise wearers to carefully follow the recommendations as advised by your eye care professional.

    Based on a clinical study with AIR OPTIX® AQUA, AIR OPTIX® for Astigmatism, and AIR OPTIX® AQUA MULTIFOCAL Contact lenses.


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