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OPTI-FREE® PureMoist®

Multi Purpose Disinfecting Solution


Excellent disinfection and all day comfort
A multi-purpose disinfecting solution with HydraGlyde™
Moisture Matrix that cleans, re-conditions, rinses, disinfects, and stores soft contact lenses.


OPTI-FREE Puremoist pack shot

Why you’ll like OPTI-FREE® PureMoist®


  • OPTI-FREE® PureMoist® has become a leading choice for its proven disinfection system. It cleans and disinfect 99.9% of bacteria.
  • OPTI-FREE® PureMoist® has a unique HydraGlyde™ Moisture Matrix that provides comfort for your contact lenses from morning till night.^
  • Proven two-way disinfection system with POLQUAD® and ALDOX® for broad spectrum protection against pathogens.
  • ~9 out of 10 contact lens wearers agree that OPTI-FREE® PureMoist® provides a comfortable lens wearing experience after 2 weeks.§
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    Contact lens solutions are designed to clean and disinfect contact lenses. If you are wearing daily disposable contact lenses, you do not need to use them. But if you are wearing other types of contact lenses, using a contact lens solution is required to clean and disinfect the lenses.

    No. Saline solution is only meant to rinse your contact lenses, not clean and disinfect them.

    This can be different depending on the solution you are using.

    For OPTI-FREE® PureMoist®, it is really 6 easy steps:


    1. Wash and dry your hands.

    2. Fill the empty lens case with solution.

    3. Wet each side of the lens with the solution.

    4. Rub each side of the lens for 20 seconds with your finger.

    5. Rinse each side of the lens for 10 seconds with a steady stream of solution.

    6. Place contact lenses in the case, tighten the lids and wait overnight or at least six hours. Empty your lens case every day.


    If your eye care professional has recommended to use AOSEPT PLUS® with HydraGlyde®, then these are the steps to follow:


    1. Wash and dry your hands.

    2. RINSE: Place your contact lenses in the L/R baskets of the lens holder, close the cover and rinse with AOSEPT PLUS® with HydraGlyde® for five seconds.

    3. FILL: Fill the lens case with AOSEPT PLUS® with HydraGylde® to the indicator line. Place the lens holder in the case, and twist to close securely.

    3. SOAK FOR 6 HOURS: Store contact lenses in the lens case for at least six hours or overnight. AOSEPT PLUS® with HydraGylde® needs time to clean, disinfect and neutralise to a gentle saline solution. Please never put AOSEPT PLUS® with HydraGylde® in or around your eyes, or rinse your lenses with the solution prior to insertion. See the Instructions for Use for complete directions and important safety information.

    Lens care solutions may have different properties, so it is always best to ask your eye care professional for advice.

    Based on laboratory studies on selected organisms.

    ^ For up to 16 hours.

    § Based on % of respondents who agree/strongly agree to “When I use this solution, I can comfortably wear my lenses all day long” (n=up to 10,610).


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