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Preservative-Free Hydrogen Peroxide Solution


For both hard and soft contact lenses.

Preservative-free hydrogen peroxide solution. A gold standard in contact lens solutions that provides removal of protein deposits from the lens surface.

AOSEPT PLUS  pack shot

Why you’ll like AOSEPT PLUS®


  • Get 3 more hours of comfortable contact lens wear when time using AOSEPT PLUS®.^
  • Suitable for HARD lenses (e.g. OrthoK, Rigid Gas Permeable) and soft lenses.
  • AOSEPT PLUS® loosens deposits and helps enhance protein removal.
  • Powerful clean that makes contact lenses feel like new.
  • AOSEPT PLUS® is preservative free which is an added bonus.
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    Immediately remove your lenses and wash your eyes with large amounts of water or sterile saline for a few minutes. If burning and/or irritation continues, see your eye care professional right away.

    At least 6 hours or overnight. This allows the bubbling action of AOSEPT PLUS® or AOSEPT PLUS® with HydraGlyde® to clean your lenses thoroughly and for the hydrogen peroxide in the solution to become neutralised—creating a gentle saline solution, just like your own tears.

    AOSEPT PLUS® or AOSEPT PLUS® with HydraGlyde® Solution need time to neutralise hydrogen peroxide to a gentle saline solution. If you don't wait 6 hours, and insert your lenses too early, you may feel burning and stinging.

    No. AOSEPT PLUS® or AOSEPT PLUS® with HydraGlyde® Solution should never be used to rinse lenses before you put them on your eyes. Otherwise, you’ll experience extremely unpleasant burning and stinging. Soak lenses in the special lens case for at least 6 hours before you insert them. If you want, lenses can be rinsed with sterile saline solution before inserting, although this is not necessary.

    AOSEPT PLUS® or AOSEPT PLUS® with HydraGlyde® Solution are suitable to use daily.

    ^Compared to habitual contact lens solution after 30 days of AOSEPT PLUS use (n=132)

    †Based on 81% of participants who strongly agree/agree with the statement “My contact lenses felt like new after using: (n=220;Merchea 2017)


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