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MyAlcon | India

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Ocular Health



Key Benefits


SystaneTM Complete is a lipid based dry eye therapy designed for evaporative dry eye disease


  • Works on lipid layer and muco-aqueous layer of tear film1
  • Increases lipid layer thickness5
  • 97% Patient satisfaction2
Systane COMPLETE pack shot

Features & Technology

  • Works on lipid layer and muco-aqueous layer tear film1
  • Nano-droplet technology enables an increased coverage of the ocular surface with the nano-sized lipid droplets and better stabilization of lipid layer3-4
  • Easy dosing due to the handy Drop-Tainer™ bottle
Features and Technology

Patient Benefits


  • Relieves symptoms of evaporative (lipid deficient) and aquas deficient dry eye
  • Proven patient satisfaction2
Close-up on a woman

1. Silverstein S. et al. Symptom Relief Following a Single Dose of Propylene Glycol-Hydroxypropyl Guar Nanoemulsion in Patients with Dry Eye Disease: A Phase IV, Multicenter Trial. Clinical Ophthalmology 2020:14 3167–3177
2. US EEP Survey; Alcon data on file, 2018
3. Rangarajan R, Ketelson H. Preclinical evaluation of a new hydroxypropyl-guar phospholipid nano emulsion-based artificial tear formulation in models of corneal epithelium. J Oculi Pharmacol Ther. 2019;35(1):32-37
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