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Ocular Health

SystaneTM Ultra

Key Benefit


  • 50% Improvement in goblet cell density1
  • Superior results in increasing mucus layer thickness vs CMC*2
  • Significant improvement in QOL3


Systane ULTRA pack shot

Feature & Technology

  • Designed to help rebuild the muco-aqueous layer of the tear film1
  • Higher Concentration of HP-Guar® acts as an elastic matrix that holds the key ingredients (PEG/PG) on the ocular surface for rapid relief1
  • Easy dosing due to the handy Drop-TainerTM bottle
Features and Technology

Patient Benefit


  • Ideal for fast relief from tired, irritated dry eye2,3
woman smiling in office

*Pre-clinical study


1. Aguilar A. Efficacy of a Novel Lubricant Eye Drops in Reducing Squamous Metaplasia in Day Eye Subjects. Presented at the 29th pan American Congress of Opthalmology in Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 7-9, 2011
2. Christensen MT, Martin AE, Bloomenstein M, A comparison of efficacy between Systane Ultra and Optive lubricant eye drops when tested with dry eye patients. Optometry. 2009;80(6):315.
3. Davitt WF, Bloomenstein M, Christensen M, Martin AE. Efficacy in patients with dry eye after treatment with a new lubricant eye drop formulation. J Ocul Pharmacol Ther. 2010;26(4):347-353. 
4. Data on file Alcon Laboratories, Inc.