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Ocular Health

SystaneTM Gel Drops

Key Benefit

  • Provides extra protection1,2
  • Pronounced increase in TFT in 10 minutes3
  • Provides effective improvement of corneal irregularities4,5


Systane GEL DROPS pack shot

Feature & Technology

  • Designed to help rebuild the muco-aqueous layer of the tear film
  • Higher Concentration of HP-Guar® acts as an elastic matrix that holds the key ingredients (PEG/PG) on the ocular surface for rapid relief3
  • SystaneTM Gel Drops becomes more viscous upon instillation in the eye, but will flow when the eye blinks. Following a blink, SystaneTM Gel Drops will again become more viscous, providing a shield forthe corneal surface6
  • Easy dosing due to the handy Drop-TainerTM bottle
Features and Technology

Patient Benefit


  • Enduring relief for moderate to severe dry eye patient*
Sleeping woman

*based on internal assessment and patient segment


1. Christensen M, Martin A, Meadows D. An evaluation of the efficacy and patient acceptance of a new lubricant eye gel. The American Academy of Optometry Annual Meeting; 2011; E-Abstract 115013. 
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4. Betancurt C, Pérez VL, Shousha MA, et al. Epithelial Irregularity Index (EIF) as an objective measure of dry eye: a pilot study. ARVO Annual Meeting Abstracts. 2012;53(6) 
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6. Benelli U. Systane lubricant eye drops in the management of ocular dryness. Clin Ophthalmol. 2011:5;783-790.