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Your Patients Can Express Themselves with 12 Eye-Enhancing Colours!

AIR OPTIX NIGHT and DAY pack shot

AIR OPTIX™ COLORS contact lenses offer beauty, comfort and breathability* in one innovative contact lens. A full range of 12 colour enhancements offer varying levels of brightness.



*Dk/t = 138 @ -3.00D. Other factors may impact eye health.

A wide range of patients make good candidates for colour

Beautiful colour technology in a monthly contact lens


AIR OPTIX™ COLORS contact lenses offer 3-in-1 Color Technology for a stunning, natural appearance.

Inner Ring

Brightens and adds depth



Primary colour

Transforms the eye colour



Outer ring

Defines and emphasises the iris



AIR OPTIX™ COLORS contact lenses feature SmartShield® Technology


The unique SmartShield® Technology of AIR OPTIX™ COLORS breathable* contact lenses designed to help keep moisture on for consistent comfort.1-4†


lipid deposit chart

*Dk/t = 138 @ -3.00D. Other factors may impact eye health

†Based on a clinical study with AIR OPTIX® AQUA, AIR OPTIX® for Astigmatism, and AIR OPTIX® AQUA MULTIFOCAL Contact lenses. n = 117.

AIR OPTIX™ COLORS Technical Specifications

AIR OPTIX Colors parameters

Designed to help grow your practice


Easy add on for contact lens wearers


It’s fast and easy to introduce your patients to the world of beautiful, breathable, comfortable colour. Ask your patients: “Would you like to enhance your eye colour today?”


Minimal chair time for strong return


No refit is required for patients who already wear AIR OPTIX™ AQUA or AIR OPTIX™ plus HydraGlyde™ contact lenses.


For play or for everyday


There is an option for everyone. Part-time colour lens wearers can play with the 2 pack. For lens wearers who prefer to add colour to their everyday routine, the 6 pack is a great option.

†Based on a clinical study with AIR OPTIX® AQUA AIR OPTIX® for Astigmatism and AIR OPTIX® AQUA MULTIFOCAL Contact lenses. n = 117

*Dk/t = 138 @ 3.00D

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