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OPTI-FREE®  the #1 selling contact lens solution in Australia & New Zealand1,2


OPTI-FREE Replenish pack

OPTI-FREE® Replenish as a Smart value choice


A multi-purpose disinfecting solution with TearGylde® that cleans, re-conditions, rinses, disinfects and stores soft contact lenses.3


Who can use OPTI-FREE® Replenish?


  • Wear either silicone hydrogel or soft contact lenses
  • Wear reusable lenses and are looking for a solution that has a long discard date - OPTI-FREE® Replenish lasts for 6 months after opening



Features & Benefits


  • TearGlyde®: A reconditioning system designed to provide lasting surface moisture retention3
  • Contains POLYQUAD® & ALDOX® : A biguanide-free preservative that provides compatible disinfection for silicone hydrogel and other soft contact lenses4-8
Hydraglyde moisture matrix icon

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