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Systane® ULTRA


Fast acting relief1 for aqueous deficient dry eye

Key Benefits

Systane® ULTRA Preservative Free is a FAST-ACTING1 formula designed for Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye:

  • Instantly hydrates the ocular surface1.
  • Provides fast-acting1 relief from Dry Eye due to environmental factors (prolonged use of screens, air quality &/or seasonal issues).
  • Advanced Preservative Free formula*.
Systane ULTRA PF pack shot

Features & Technology


  • Designed to help rebuild the muco-aqueous layer of the tear film
  • HP-Guar® acts as am elastic matrix that holds the key ingredients polyethylene glycol (PEG/PG) on the ocular surface for rapid relief
  • Patented PureFlow® Technology ensures no contaminated liquid or air can be reintroducted in the container enabling a preservative free formulation


Features and Technology

Patient Benefits


  • Ideal for fast relief¹ from tired, irritated Dry Eye.
  • For moderate, frequent sufferers** (The preserved formulation could be used for occassional users)
  • Can use with contact lenses***.




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*Also available in a preserved version.

**Please refer to instructions for use.

***Based on internal assessment and patient segmentation.



  1. Alcon data on file: Systane Ultra Preservative Free launch claims, 2020.