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Ocular Health

Systane® GEL DROPS

Overnight Dry Eye Relief¹ for acqueous deficient dry eye

Key Benefits

Systane® GEL DROPS uses an overnight relief¹ formula designed for Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye, especiall for patients suffering from Severe Dry Eye¹:


  • Nightime Relief from Dry Eye symptoms.
  • Complements chronic Dry Eye treatment1.
  • Helps protect against further cell damage1.


Systane GEL DROPS pack shot

Features & Technology


  • Formulation with the highest concentration of HP-Guar®, designed to lubricate and restore the ocular surfact and helps to protect against further cell damage1 2.
  • HP-Guar® acts as an elastic matrix that holds the active ingredients Polyethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol (PEG/PG) on the ocular surface for rapid relief2.
  • Easy dosing due to the handy Drop-Tainer™ bottle.
Features and Technology

Patient Benefits


  • Ideal for patients with Severe Dry Eye1.
  • Nightime Relief from Dry Eye symptoms.
  • For severe, chronic sufferers*.
  • Can use before or after wearing contact lenses**.




Sleeping woman

*Based on internal assessment and patient segmentation

**Please refer to instructions for use


  1. Cohen, S., Martin, A. and Sall, K., 2014. Evaluation of clinical outcomes in patients with dry eye disease using lubricant eye drops containing polyethylene glycol or carboxymethylcellulose. Clinical ophthalmology (Auckland, NZ), 8, p.157.
  2. Benelli, U., 2011. Systane® lubricant eye drops in the management of ocular dryness. Clinical ophthalmology (Auckland, NZ), 5, p.783.


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