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DAILIES™ AquaComfort™ PLUS Toric

Designed to provide Dual Stability1,2 and consistent comfort3

DAILIES™ AquaComfort™ PLUS Toric contact lenses are designed for exceptional stability and consistent, clear vision starting with the first blink1,2



DAILIES AquaComfort PLUS Toric pack shot

Dual Stability is the key to successful contact lens wear for patients with astigmatism


Blink-Activated Moisture + Precision Curve® Lens Design


Tear Film Stability


Blink-Activated Moisture technology features the release of PVA with every blink for superior tear film stability vs 1-DAY ACUVUE^ MOIST.4-6*


Blink activated moisture

On-Eye Stability

Precision Curve® Lens Design is a dual thin zone design that allows both eyelids to apply equal pressure to keep the lens in the correct position.1†

Astigmatic lens

*Based on DAILIES™ AquaComfort™ PLUS sphere contact lenses.

Based on investigator assessment of lens rotation, at one week (n=181 lenses); using investigator lenses with -0.75, -1.50 cylinder powers (D).

Precision Curve® lens design provides exceptional stability and consistent, crisp, clear vision1,2*


    utilize blinking pressure of upper and lower eyelids to maintain rotational stability
    with ≤5° oscillation with blink2
    helps make this lens easy for wearers to insert
    for exceptional comfort as a result of LightStream® Lens Technology
    at 3 and 9 o’clock make it easy to measure rotation to ensure a precise fit
    matches toricity of cornea to maximize stability

*Based on investigator assessment of lens rotation, at one weekv (n=181 lenses); using investigator lenses with -0.75, -1.50 cylinder powers (D).

Astigmatic contact lens

DAILIES™ AquaComfort™ PLUS Toric Technical Specifications

DAILIES AquaComfort PLUS Toric technical parameters
DAILIES AquaComfort PLUS contact lens pack pro teaser
DAILIES AquaComfort PLUS contact lens pack pro teaser

DAILIES™ AquaComfort™ PLUS


Refreshing comfort for nearly every patient.3

DAILIES AquaComfort PLUS Multifocal pack shot
DAILIES AquaComfort PLUS Multifocal pack shot

DAILIES™ AquaComfort™ PLUS Multifocal


For clarity at all distances, near through far, and refreshing comfort.3,7

^Trademarks are the property of their respective owners



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See instructions for use for wear, care, precautions, warnings, contraindications and adverse effects.

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