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Specialists in Cataract

Designed for Precision and Control in Cataract Surgery

Specialist in Cataract

Designed for Precision and Control in Cataract Surgery


Intraocular Lenses (IOLs)


Alcon's IOL offering provides complete confidence to consistently deliver exceptional outcomes for every patient

An image of an older man and his grandson sitting on a couch smiling and looking at a tablet that appears off-screen.

Delivery Devices


Unique delivery options that provide you with consistency, efficiency and control.

An image of the Clareon AutonoMe Automated Preloaded Delivery System, the AcrySof IQ UltraSert Preloaded Delivery System, the Clareon Monarch IV Delivery System, and the Monarch III IOL Delivery System. The four devices appear side by side on a blue background.

Phacoemulsification Systems


Next level performance with intuitive control and agile hardware for an optimised surgical experience.

An image of the Legion System, the CENTURION Silver System and the CENTURION Vision System with ACTIVE SENTRY Handpiece. The three systems appear side by side on a blue background.

Cataract Diagnostics


Designed to deliver unmatched diagnostic accuracy and efficiency with Image Guidance by Alcon® for end-to-end equipment integration.

An image of the ARGOS Biometer. The device appears on a blue background.



Systems designed for enhanced intraoperative visualization and heads up display.

An image of a group of surgeons in an operating room with a patient undergoing surgery. An NGENUITY screen shows a close-up view of the surgery to the surgeons in the room.



Empowering cataract procedures.

An image of a smiling surgeon wearing teal surgical scrubs in the operating room.

Alcon Experience Academy


For relevant training content from industry thought leaders

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