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LuxOR™ Revalia™ 


Revalia™ reveals what you need with vivid visualization.


LuxOR™ Revalia™ 

Revalia™ reveals what you need with vivid visualization.


Manage your surgical procedures with stable and enhanced visualization while improving efficiency and control at every surgical step1-4 

A diagram illustrating the three sections of this webpage.   An icon of weight scales with text below that says “Stability”.  An icon of two gears and a stopwatch with text below that says “Efficiency”. An icon of a scalpel pointing at an eye with text below that says “Vitreoretinal surgery”.
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Enhanced Visualization with a Larger Red Reflex1*


Revalia™ offers enhanced visualization to optimise your surgical experience with a red reflex that is more stable, intense and 6x larger than standard analog microscopes.1,2*


Proprietary ILLUMIN-i Technology allows you to maintain a consistent view of your working space even with patient movement and incomplete iris dilation.3


*Compared to ZEISS Lumera T, Lumera 700, and LEICA M-820 microscopes (clinically proven). 


Learn more about the key features of Revalia™ and see how it works to bring enhanced stability, efficiency and control to your surgeries1-4



Red Reflex Comparison



Large Red Reflex with Revalia
A blue icon of two gears and a stopwatch


Enhanced Efficiency and Greater Depth of Focus1-6

Revalia™ amplifies your visualization for total surgical control and reduces the need for microscope adjustments, allowing you to see more during surgery.1-6

LuxOR Revalia microscope on a dark blue background

ILLUMIN-i Technology allows you to view the surgical field with
greater depth of focus6

Larger Depth of Focus6*

  • Reduces need to refocus during surgery
  • Emphasises textures, bringing out structures, patterns and details
A cross-section of an eye showing the extended depth of focus with Revalia compared to other microscopes.

See How Revalia™ Can Offer an Extended Depth Of Focus


Depth of focus: The range to which an object appears in focus. This can be on either side of the focal point. 
*Revalia™ has the largest depth of focus compared to ZEISS Lumera T, Lumera 700, and LEICA M-820 microscopes (clinically proven).

Revalia™ provides a personalised
LED illumination system

Customise Your Surgical View

Revalia™ gives you the flexibility to choose the most appropriate light source for each surgical case. LED illumination allows high intensity for complete views throughout the procedure, with a reliable, uniform and longer lifetime than halogen illumination.3

An image of the warm white, cool white, and mixed white LED illumination modules available with LuxOR Revalia, and examples of the colour of light produced by each module.

Blend Coaxial and Oblique Light Sources to Optimise Light Intensity

With independently adjustable coaxial and oblique light sources, Revalia™ offers the right mix of light intensity for every surgical step.3 


Seamless Integration
with Alcon Technologies

Revalia™ is fully integrated with Alcon’s Cataract Refractive Suite7-11:

  • VERION™ Image-Guided System
  • ORA SYSTEM™ Intraoperative Aberrometer
  • CONSTELLATION™ Vision System 
  • CENTURION™ Vision System
  • NGENUITY™ 3D Visualization System
An image showing different surgical devices made by Alcon on a dark blue background. The ARGOS Biometer, LenSx Laser System, Verion Digital Marker, LuxOR Revalia Ophthalmic Microscope, Centurion Vision System, ORA SYSTEM Intraoperative Abberometer.


A blue icon of a scalpel pointing at an eye

Vitreoretinal Surgery

Designed to Maximise Stability and Clarity in Vitreoretinal Procedures

Revalia™ AMP technology allows for optimal retroillumination of the posterior segment for maximum clarity.3

A cross section of the ILLUMIN-I AMP module with a beam of light shining through it.

Instructions for Use (IFU)


For a full list of indications, contraindications and warnings, please visit and refer to the relevant product’s instructions for use. 

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Medical Devices manufactured by Alcon comply with all applicable laws and regulations. For indications, contraindications, warnings and serious incidents please refer to the relevant product’s direction for use or operator manuals.

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