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Two smiling people checking something on the computer
Two smiling people checking something on the computer

Support your loved ones who have been diagnosed with cataract

Learn to support loved ones facing a cataract diagnosis. Our guide offers practical tips for understanding and navigating this journey.

time to read 5 minutes
Blurred view of the forest compared to clear and sharp view of the forest

Choosing the Right Cataract Lens (IOL) for You

Understand cataract lens types in our guide. Learn how to choose the right lens for a spectacle-free life after cataract surgery.

time to read 5 minutes
A doctor talking to an elderly person

Cataract and Cataract Surgery Facts and Myths

Clearing the fog around cataracts! Discover the truth behind common myths and get to know the facts about this eye condition.

time to read 5 minutes
Elderly person during eye drops

What to Expect After Cataract Surgery

Navigate your post-cataract surgery journey with ease. Discover what to expect and tips for a smooth, successful recovery.

time to read 5 minutes
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