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Explore new hobbies with brilliant vision and reduced dependency on glasses.

Speak to your eye specialist about cataract lens implant options.


See brilliantly live brilliantly image

Enjoy the road ahead with brilliant vision and reduced dependency on glasses.

Speak to your eye specialist about cataract lens implant options.


See brilliantly live brilliantly image

Celebrate the joys of life with brilliant vision and reduced dependency on glasses.

Speak to your eye specialist about cataract lens implant options.


See brilliantly live brilliantly image

Capture every detail vividly with brilliant vision and reduced dependency on glasses.

Speak to your eye specialist about cataract lens implant options.


See brilliantly live brilliantly image



Enjoy the road ahead with clear vision. Capture every detail vividly, free from blurry vision. Celebrate life with a reduced dependence on glasses.

What happens when cataracts get in the way of those precious moments that you want to spend with yourself or with your family? Watch this film to see the transformation that cataract surgery brings about in the patient’s vision and how it reduces their dependence on glasses and positively impacts their quality of life.

Knowledge Hub



All you need to know before cataract surgery

    Smiling older woman
    Smiling older woman
    Cataract and cataract surgery: Let’s bust some myths and learn some facts!


    Check how much you know about cataracts and check whether what you know is the correct information.


    A woman on a bicycle and a man next to her
    A woman on a bicycle and a man next to her
    Don’t let faulty vision interrupt your life.


    Do you need more light to read at night? Do you feel less confident while driving these days? These are some of the early symptoms of cataracts. Learn more about these and how to get your vision back.


    Close-up of eye drop
    Close-up of eye drop
    New-age lens implant options that can reduce your dependence on glasses.


    Read more about the benefits of different intraocular lenses and which one could suit your needs. Read on to equip yourself with sufficient information to ask your eye surgeon the right questions.


    Woman during eye examination
    Woman during eye examination
    Going in for cataract surgery? Keep these points in mind.


    What you should do and what you should avoid during and after cataract surgery.


    Close-up on the blue eye
    Close-up on the blue eye
    Here are some tips for helping your loved ones with cataract.


    Learn more about cataracts, guide them to make the right decision, be there for their surgery and care for them after surgery.


    Blood pressure testing device
    Blood pressure testing device
    Cataract surgery is safe even if you have diabetes and high blood pressure.


    If you suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure, get answers to all your questions about cataract surgery. Do I have to take some special precautions? Will the surgery work for me? Will I get my vision back? If questions such as these worry you, read more here.


    Alcon Eye on Cataract Survey Findings



    The survey was conducted between March-April 2023 across 10 country including India, amongst people aged 50+ years to gather insights on vision and cataract. The survey shows that patients who have undergone cataract surgery agree that they have an improvement in vision as well as their overall quality of life. Read more about the key survey findings here.

    Ophthalmologist and eye examination tool in the foreground

    Check your cataract understanding here.


    Have you or your loved one been diagnosed with cataracts?
    Take this quiz to check if you know enough about cataracts and cataract surgery.



    We want to make it easy for you to locate an eye surgeon in your locality. He or she will be able to give you the advice on how to get your surgery done and which IOL is suited for your visual requirements.


    Note: This list only includes practices/clinics/hospitals that have explicitly provided their consent for their information to be displayed on this site. Alcon therefore points out that this is not a complete representation of all ophthalmological practices/clinics/hospitals in India. Alcon endeavors to keep the information in this listing up-to-date, however, Alcon does not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information. Alcon accepts no liability for the completeness or for the accuracy of the information contained herewith or its update. Information, statements, photographs and videos used are with the permission of all and must not be replicated. All the information and materials shared on this site are meant for nonpromotional purposes only.
    Note for practices/clinics/hospitals: Not listed? If you would like your practice to appear here or if you wish to delist you practice, please contact your Alcon representative.

    Smiling brunette woman
      Would you like to reduce your dependence on glasses after cataract surgery? Dr. Merle explains how


      Watch Dr. Merle Fernandes explain about advanced cataract lenses and how to choose the right one to reduce your dependence on glasses.

      Mausam Bhattacharjee’s cataract journey: From hesitation to confidence


      Listen to hotel sales professional, Mausam Bhattacharjee tell you how he got diagnosed with cataract in his 40s, how he worried about making the right choice of cataract lens and how he regained his confidence after cataract surgery.

      If you or your loved one has cataracts, Dr. Naren Shetty has a very important message for you


      Listen to Dr. Shetty as he explains what a cataract is, how to choose the right cataract lens implant option, and how can you get clear vision and a reduced dependence on glasses after cataract surgery.

      Ex Wing Commander Mr. Hari Haran's cataract journey: From diagnosis to clear vision


      Listen to Mr. Hari Haran as he narrates his story of how his cataract was diagnosed, how he chose the right cataract lens implant option along with his doctor, how easy the procedure felt for him, how his vision was transformed after surgery with a reduced dependence on glasses, and how he enjoys life now with clear vision.

      How can you help to restore your parents’ vision? Rohit Roy has the answers


      Watch Rohit Roy as he explains how cataract surgery and the right cataract lens implant option, chosen with your doctor, can give your parents clear vision.

      Thinking about cataract surgery? Mandira Bedi says just do it!


      Watch Mandira Bedi as she explains how simple it is to get your cataract surgery done and reduce your dependence on glasses with the right cataract lens implant option that you can choose with your doctor.

      Watch Rajat Kapur as he narrates how he could reduce his dependence on glasses and enjoy his life after cataract surgery


      “Break free from glasses after cataract surgery,” says Rajat Kapur.

      Live your best life even at my age with advanced cataract lenses says Neena Gupta


      Watch Neena Gupta as she explains all about cataract: symptoms, surgery and advanced lens options.



      Alcon helps people see brilliantly. As the global leader in eye care with a heritage spanning over 75 years, we offer a broad portfolio of products to enhance sight and improve people’s lives. Our Surgical and Vision Care products touch the lives of more than 260 million people in over 140 countries each year living with conditions like cataract, glaucoma, retinal diseases and refractive errors. Our more than 25,000 associates enhance the quality of life of patients through innovative products, partnerships with Eye Care Professionals and programs that advance access to quality eye care.

      Two smiling women

      Eyecare Innovation


      We have a strong innovation pipeline of more than 100 eyecare and surgical products. In 2021, we invested $680 million in R&D. In India, our surgical products including IOLs are ranked number one in innovation.

      Support for Eye Surgeons


      We have launched the ‘Phaco Development Program’ to build cataract surgical capabilities of eye surgeons. Since its inception in 2010, 3022 doctors have enrolled in this program from India. More than 3.5 million Phaco procedures, over 35,000 astigmatism and over 22,000 presbyopia correcting phaco procedures were performed by these doctors.

      Social Commitment


      Alcon aspires to improve lives, strengthen communities, and create long-term value through innovations that improve sight. Our strategy leads with our commitment to enable communities to access critical eye care services so that everyone can See Brilliantly. It is focused on three areas — Brilliant Lives, Brilliant Innovation and Brilliant Planet — and includes social and environmental impact goals to hold ourselves accountable and measure progress.

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      2. Knowledge Hub: 

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      3. Alcon Eye on Cataract ‘Survey Findings’

      6. Alcon Eye on Cataract Survey, 2023 - IN-SG-2300013.

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