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Introducing the first & only monthly Water Gradient contact lens that feels like nothing, even at day 301



Seize the opportunity


about 50 percent  of patients experience contact lens discomfort
about 50 percent  of patients experience contact lens discomfort
75 percent of contact lens wearers are open
to talking about upgrading
75 percent of contact lens wearers are open
to talking about upgrading

It's time to offer reusable wearers the premium performance of TOTAL30™



Water gradient TOTAL 30
Water gradient TOTAL 30


Water Gradient

helps deliver outstanding comfort1

Celligent TOTAL30
Celligent TOTAL30


CELLIGENT™ Technology

optimizes performance for 30 days6,7

even day 30 TOTAL30
even day 30 TOTAL30


Feels like nothing,

even at day 301

3x longer lasting lens-surface moisture stability than ACUVUE OASYS^ contact lenses6,11*

In an in vitro study, TOTAL30™ contact lenses demonstrated superior lens-surface moisture stability vs. other reusable brands.6,11*


*Based on an in vitro study wherein wettability was measured using the iDDrop System (p<0.05). All lenses were tested in an indentical manner, soaked in a PBS (phosphate-buffered saline solution) for 16 hours plus/minus 2 hours (p<0.05).

^Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Wettability TOTAL30

Two Powerful Innovations


Water Gradient cross section TOTAL30
Water Gradient cross section TOTAL30

The Water Gradient Material of DAILIES TOTAL1™ in a Reusable Lens

TOTAL30™ contact lenses feature a core water content of 55%, while the outermost surface approaches 100% water for outstanding moisture.7-9*


CELLIGENT™ Technology for 30 Days of Performance

CELLIGENT™ Technology uses biomimetic features that mimic the structure of corneal cells to enable premium performance throughout the wearing period.6-8,10

CELLIGENT™ Technology biomimics the cornea

TOTAL30™ is the first and only monthly replacement contact lens to mimic the human eye's cellular surface structure, to reduce lipid and bacterial adherence all month long.7,10,12-15

Maximize your success with TOTAL30™


The great contact lens is just the beginning. TOTAL30™ comes with marketing tools, including point-of-sale, social media and email communications, to help you reach more customers.

Contact your Alcon sales representative to find out more

TOTAL30 contact lens pack in bathroom vanity

TOTAL30™ contact lenses product information

TOTAL30 parameters

*There is no demonstrated clinical benefit to a 34% reduction in visible light at wavelengths below 450 nm. UV absorbing contact lenses are NOT substitutes for protective UV absorbing eyewear, such as UV absorbing goggles or sunglasses because they do not completely cover the eye and surrounding area. The patient should continue to use UV absorbing eyewear as directed.


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Important safety information

See instructions for use, for wear, care, precautions, warnings, contraindications and adverse effects.

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