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Surgical Techniques

Watch videos showing new emerging surgical techniques, instruments, and procedures in the vitreoretinal field.

PUREPOINT® Laser Equipment and Accessories

PUREPOINT® Laser extends your control with accessories for all your laser needs.

Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope (LIO)

Vitreoretinal Surgery Equipment: Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope (LIO)
  • Based on Henie* Omega-180
  • Precision optics deliver exceptional image quality and illumination

Laser Filters

Vitreoretinal Surgery Equipment: Laser Filters
  • Fixed and movable safety filter options
  • Clear view filter glass
  • Compatable with Zeiss*, Leica*, Topcon*, Wild*, and Moeller-Wedel* microscopes

Slit Lamp Adaptations

Vitreoretinal Surgery Equipment: Slit Lamp Adaptations
  • Available for ALCON®, Zeiss*, and Haag-Streit* adaptations

Alcon® SL 1000 Slit Lamp and Table

Vitreoretinal Surgery Equipment: Alcon® SL 1000 Slit Lamp and Table
  • Designed to meet the needs of ophthalmic offices, ASCs, and clinics

Featured Products

Laser Equipment

8065750597 PUREPOINT® Laser System
8065751050 PUREPOINT® LIO
8065751190 Laser Workstation

Laser Accessories

8065750256 Fiber Strain Relief
8065751131 PUREPOINT® Laser Operator's Manual
8065750107 532 Safety Glasses
8065751051 PUREPOINT® Fixed Laser Safety Filter (ZEISS*/MOELLER*)
8065750891 STAND for LIO HEADSET
8065740982 ALCON® SL 1000 Slit Lamp Assembly, with electronic stand
8065-6896-01 TOPCON* Slit Lamp Table 110V, ZEISS*
8065-0050-01 HAAG-STREIT* Slit Lamp with Power Supply & Manual Table
8065-5011-01 HAAG-STREIT* 900BM/TOPCON* SL3E SL Adaptation
8065751193 SL30 Advanced Adaptation
8065751195 SL1000 Advanced Adaptation


8065-5002-01 WILD*/LEICA* Filter
8065750244 Y Cable Assembly
8065750448 ZEISS*/MOELLER* Tethered Filter
8065751051 ZEISS*/MOELLER* Fixed Filter
8065750260 ZEISS*/MOELLER* Slit Lamp Filter
8065-5002-01 Wild*/Leica* Tethered Filter
8065751502 Wild*/Leica* Fixed Filter