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VERION™Image Guided System
VERION™Image Guided System for ATIOLs

Enhancing Your AcrySof® ATIOL Procedure

The VERION Image Guided System is designed to give you greater confidence implanting ATIOLs, where reducing potential for error is especially critical. It is designed to minimize variability throughout every step of the procedure, helping you recommend AcrySof® IQ ReSTOR® and AcrySof® IQ Toric lenses to your patients with more confidence.

The VERION Reference Unit enables surgeons to quickly determine an optimized surgical plan for toric or multifocal procedures with:

  • Customizable incision and implantation axis planning
  • Built-in ALCON® ATIOL calculation formulas, including lens and power selection
  • Intuitive astigmatism management software

The VERION Digital Marker optimizes ATIOL implantation by:

  • Providing real-time positioning guides
  • Automatically compensating for cyclorotation
  • Enabling accurate centration and alignment with patient registration
  • Eliminating the need for manual eye marking during toric procedures

Optimize Toric Procedures from Start to Finish

The VERION Reference Unit makes planning your astigmatism correction a simple and straightforward process, allowing you to:

  • Select the percentage of astigmatism correction performed by the IOL or relaxing incision using a unique slider bar
  • View appropriate lens selections based on your procedural preference
  • Access incision location recommendations that take into account the patient’s astigmatic corneal curvature
  • Automatically account for SIA

“Without the VERION Image Guided System, a typical toric implant case would take 15 minutes of planning time. Now with VERION, the amount of time spent planning a typical toric implant case is greatly reduced.” – Dr. Robert Cionni*

Astigmatism planning screen

Intuitive software streamlines toric IOL procedure planning.

The VERION Digital Marker M helps ensure your manual incisions are placed precisely where you want them. It does this by displaying a 360˚ digital ring with primary and secondary incision indicators that continually follow patient eye movement.

Toric incisions screen

Advanced eye tracking technology ensures your incisions go exactly where you want them.

“The image guidance helps tremendously with aligning implants.” – Dr. Robert Cionni*

Correctly aligning a toric lens within the chamber is essential for positive refractive outcomes. The VERION Digital Marker M displays a positioning guide during this phase, eliminating the need for manual eye marking and helping you correctly rotate the IOL to an exact degree according to your surgical plan.

Toric alignment screen

Image-guided alignment adds a new level of precision to toric procedures.