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Increasing your practice's profitability and keeping it running efficiently...


Products designed to increase compliance*, profitability, and satisfaction

Switching from 2-week replacement lenses to 1-month replacement lenses or 1-day replacement lenses can increase profitability.


"Our internal studies show that the most profitable lens to the practice is daily disposable lenses. The second most profitable are monthly replacement lenses."


"We have also seen in our practice that those patients who are compliant with the lens replacement cycles return for their next exam on average sooner than the non-compliant patient. Obviously, the more frequently a patient visits your office—the more profitable the practice will be!"


Dr. Craig Wood,
    Greensboro, NC


"I would tell practitioners that daily disposable and monthly replacement lenses are more profitable, and that these patients are more likely to return for their annual exam and contact lens supply, especially if they are pre-appointed before they leave."


Dr. Jeff Foster,
    Newport, TN


Encourage compliance* with daily disposable lenses and monthly replacement lenses from Alcon

DAILIES® Contact Lenses AIR OPTIX® Contact Lenses


Contact Lens Professional Consultation

Our team of contact lens fitting consultants is ready to assist your practice with any technical or fitting questions you may have on Alcon products. Just call 800-241-7468 and we will be happy to assist you.