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Surgical Products Frequently Asked Questions

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Surgical Equipment Exchanges

Q : Does Alcon repair any surgical handpieces?

A : No, Alcon only repairs Grieshaber® handpieces. To discuss your needed Grieshaber® handpiece repair, contact us.

Q : What Alcon surgical handpieces can be exchanged?

A : The following handpieces can be exchanged:
Legacy®Surgical System
  1. Turbosonics® 375
  2. Neosonix® Handpiece (8065740968)
  3. MacKool* Handpiece (8065-M002-01)
INFINITI® Vision System
  1. Neosonix® Handpiece (8065750120)
  2. Ultrasonic Handpiece (8065750121)
  3. Aqualase® Handpiece (8065750193)
Accurus® Surgical System
  1. Turbosonics® 375
  2. MacKool* Handpiece (8065-M002-01)
  3. Fragmentation Handpiece (8065740242)
*MacKool is a trademark of Dr. Richard Mackool Other
  1. High Performance (HP) Fragmatome Handpiece (590-3200-501) -- STTO - Ocutome®
  2. Ultrasonic Handpiece (590-2000-501) -- Master

Q : Are I & A handpieces exchangeable?

A : No, the codes 8065817701 (I/A Handpiece, Threaded STTM) and the 8065817801 (I/A handpiece, Threaded STTL) cannot be exchanged.

Service Calls

Q : How do I schedule a service call?

A : For technical service outside the United States, contact your local Alcon office.

For Cataract, Refractive and Vitreoretinal instrumentation and accessories located within the United States, contact Alcon Surgical Technical Services at 800-832-7827 or 949-753-1393, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday.

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