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Alcon Products

Alcon develops, manufactures and markets surgical equipment and devices, contact lenses and vision care products in more than 180 countries. All of our many engineers, scientists and medical professionals are dedicated to meeting the world's eye health needs.

Surgical Products from Alcon

Surgical Products

Alcon is the market leader in ophthalmic surgical products, providing the most comprehensive surgical portfolio in the world. Eye care professionals, patients and their families trust that we apply rigorous scientific research to develop the best in leading-edge cataract, retinal and refractive surgery technologies. Learn more about Alcon Surgical products.

Contact Lens Products from Alcon

Contact Lens and Lens Care Products

Alcon is one of the largest manufacturers of contact lenses and lens care products. Learn more about Alcon contact lens products

over the counter

Over-the-Counter Products for Eye Care

Alcon offers an ever-expanding line of non-prescription products to

  • relieve dry eye symptoms
  • relieve ocular allergy symptoms
  • supplement ocular nutrition
  • help improve eyelid hygiene

Learn more about Alcon over-the-counter products