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CLEAR CARE® Solution

Pristine Clean. Irritant -Free Comfort.


Recommend CLEAR CARE® Solution for contact lenses so fresh, they feel like new1.

CLEAR CARE® Contact Lens Solution

This is why your patients’ lenses are so fresh they feel like new


The Science Behind CLEAR CARE® Solution:
Pristine Clean and Irritant-free Comfort

CLEAR CARE® Solution Science

Patented Formula for Triple Action Cleaning

  • Deep cleans & kills bacteria
  • Loosens and carries away dirt & debris
  • Pluronic 17R4 attaches to protein and lifts it away

Pristine Clean Lenses

  • Irritant-Free Comfort
  • Preservative Free2

For fresh, clean, comfortable contact lenses, there's nothing like Clear Care. 3

Trusted, high-grade H202 Unique H2O2 formulation, refined over a decade, delivers unsurpassed cleaning
and disinfection.
Proprietary Pluronic^ 17R4 Exclusive built-in surfactant cleans and removes debris and protein deposits.
Basket-mount platinum disc Optimizes neutralization. Begins neutralization upon
basket insertion, not before—for a full, balanced clean.