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CLEAR CARE® Solution

Pristine Clean. Irritant -Free Comfort.


Recommend CLEAR CARE® Solution for contact lenses so fresh, they feel like new1.

CLEAR CARE® Contact Lens Solution

Trust CLEAR CARE® Solution for lenses so fresh they feel like new.1

Exceptional Comfort with CLEAR CARE® Solution

4 out of 5 patients surveyed agreed that CLEAR CARE® Solution made their lenses feel like new.1

CLEAR CARE® Solution used with weekly/monthly replacement contact lenses provide comfort at insertion similar to daily disposable lenses (p>0.05)2

CLEAR CARE® Solution Comfort

Retrospective analysis of 28 contact lens/solution combinations each tested with 40 participants for 3 months with a total of 3,277 participant months. Six weekly/monthly replacement and 4 daily disposable contact lenses were evaluated. Subjects rated their ocular comfort on a 1 to 10 scale.

Prevent Patient Discomfort and Dropouts

CLEAR CARE® Solution Comfort Every year, 15% to 20% of contact lens patients drop out of contact lens wear due to discomfort.3 CLEAR CARE® Solution Comfort
CLEAR CARE® Solution users are 57% more likely to continue wearing contact lenses rather than switching to glasses due to irritation.4

Increase Patient Satisfaction and Grow Your Practice with CLEAR CARE ® Solution. See More