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3% Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution

For fresh contact lenses and long-lasting moisture, our next level of lens care is CLEAR CARE® PLUS.

The powerful cleaning and trusted disinfection of CLEAR CARE® with the added moisture from the exclusive HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix technology found in OPTI-FREE® PureMoist ® Multi-Purpose Solution.1 Preservative free to be like natural tears. 2

CLEAR CARE® Plus Contact Lens Solution

Our NEXT LEVEL of lens care


The Bubbles Your Patients Love Got Better. Give your lens wearers pristine clean lenses and long-lasting moisture with CLEAR CARE® PLUS.3,4


The unique lens case neutralizes H2O2, creating a gentle saline solution that’s close to natural tears.


Triple-Action Cleaning + Unsurpassed Disinfection1,5

  • Unique H2O2 formula deep
    cleans, loosens dirt and deposits, while bubbles enhance protein deposit removal
  • Exceeds FDA and ISO standards1,5
  • Demonstrated efficacy against Acanthamoeba1*

Exclusive HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix Provides
Extra Hydration

  • HydraGlyde® reconditions and surrounds soft lenses in long-lasting moisture 3,4

Pristine Clean & Long Lasting Moisture3,4

  • Preservative free
    - Decreased corneal staining and
    corneal inflammation6,7
    - NO harsh chemicals enter the
    eye when used as directed

Our patented Triple Action Cleaning formula deeply cleans and kills bacteria while carrying away dirt and debris by attaching to deposits and lifting them away. The exclusive HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix surrounds soft lenses in long-lasting moisture. 3,4