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Applying for Medical Missions

Alcon has established product donation programs to help patients outside the United States. These programs are developed for health care providers who travel to or live in these areas and provide care to patients who are without access to quality eye care.

Typical lead time for the application process is four to six weeks from the date it is submitted. Please note, if you submit an application less than four weeks from your departure date, the request may not be processed in time.

Alcon requires all medical professionals requesting product to provide a letter of invitation from the host country's Ministry of Health. A letter of invitation from an in-country hospital or organization will not be accepted unless it is governed by the Ministry of Health. Please allow enough time in the planning process to obtain the letter as your request will not be processed without it.

Please note, the following countries do not require a Ministry of Health letter: Congo, Cuba, India, Myanmar, Sierra Leone and Sudan. Instead, an invitation letter from the in-country organization (i.e. hospital, rotary, etc) is required.

If you would like to review all requirements before beginning the request process, you can view our guidelines form. This is for reference only. All requests must be submitted using the online process.

Please complete the online Eligibility Questionnaire to determine if you qualify to apply for product donations. A link to the online application will be provided upon completion of the questionnaire.


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