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The Alcon Research Institute

Alcon supports serious research in eye health and works to expand the frontiers of ophthalmic and optometric sciences through the Alcon Research Institute (ARI).

The Alcon Research Institute

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Since its inception in 1981, the ARI has granted almost $22 million to more than 250 researchers in support of their research into eye disease and ophthalmology. According to a recently completed survey of the ARI membership, there is general consensus that the ARI has been successful in having a strong impact on the state of eye research in the world. The survey also revealed that 93 percent of the ARI grants were leveraged to obtain additional funding from various agencies and almost half percent of that funding was for new directions in ocular diseases. As a result, almost 80 percent of ARI recipients have indicated that their grant had a major impact on their research.

It is also quite significant that about 50 percent of those chosen as ARI winners were in advance of an ARVO award – that is, they were recognized as significant contributors to vision research by the ARI before ARVO recognized them as such.