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The Alcon Research Institute

Alcon supports serious research in eye health and works to expand the frontiers of ophthalmic and optometric sciences through the Alcon Research Institute (ARI).

Alcon Research Institute Events Calendar

Calendar of Events

Annual ARI Committee Meetings and the Podos Colloquium: Meetings of the ARI Scientific Selection Committee and Executive Committee will be held annually in conjunction with the annual meeting of The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (“ARVO”) or another major vision science conference where high attendance is likely. The committees will meet to determine the current year’s ARI research funding recipients and to discuss the following year’s agenda. The annual ARI member meeting, called the Podos Colloquium, will similarly be held in conjunction with a major vision science conference, and feature a limited set of scientific presentations consistent with a theme determined the previous year by the ARI Executive Committee

ARI Scientific Symposium: The ARI Scientific Symposium is a biannual scientific exchange event organized by ARI in conjunction with a co-hosting affiliate such as a major vision science education center (e.g. Lowy Medical Research Institute – 2016, Harvard Medical School Department of Ophthalmology / Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary – 2015). The ARI Scientific Symposium will be held on a Saturday and will be held in areas where high attendance is likely. The next ARI Scientific Symposium will be held in 2018 – details are still being determined.