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Research & Development Frequently Asked Questions

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The Alcon Foundation

Q : How do I apply for a grant from The Alcon Foundation?

A : To learn more about applying for a grant from The Alcon Foundation, please visit The Alcon Foundation.

Alcon Research Institute

Clinical Trials

Q : What clinical trials are currently under way?

A : A complete list of current clinical trials can be found at Trials in Recruitment.

Q : How do I enroll in a clinical trial?

A : Access the clinical trial of interest in the Trials in Recruitment section, which links to the trial information on the U.S. Government Clinical Trial Web site where enrollment is possible.

Q : How do I find out when a specific product will be approved?

A : To determine approximate timeframes for approval of a product currently in development at Alcon, please see Alcon's short-term pipeline. As a public and regulated company, Alcon is not permitted to provide information beyond this.


Q : How do I find out more information about licensing with Alcon?

A : Information about in-licensing and out-licensing at Alcon is located in the Licensing section of the website.

Q : How do I submit an idea for licensing?

A : Ideas for licensing can be submitted directly to Alcon Licensing.

Q : How do I express interest in an Alcon compound or technology for out-licensing?

A : To express interest or request information on Alcon compounds or devices available for out-licensing, please contact Alcon Licensing.