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Investigator Initiated Trials

The mission at Alcon is to discover and develop innovative products that enhance quality of life by helping people see better. As part of our commitment to address unmet needs of our patients, better understand our products in real world settings, and complement internally generated research, Alcon believes in the need to support ethical independent research conducted by qualified investigators. This commitment can either be monetary funding and/or product support. Such research must set out to address meaningful scientific objectives supported by valid study design and a commitment by the investigator/sponsor to disseminate the findings in an appropriate, transparent, and timely manner. As such, we invite interested investigators to submit their project proposals (see areas of focus below).

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*Submission of a proposal does not imply or guarantee approval. The committee evaluates proposals according to their scientific merit, alignment with our areas of research interest and available funding.

Areas of Interest


  • Centurion® – Clinical performance vs competitors 1) clinical outcomes, 2) operative metrics, 3) other parameters (e.g. Laboratory evaluations of role of fluidics and ultrasound modality or modulation)
  • IOL - Clinical evaluations of 1) IOL delivery device, 2) visual performance of PanOptix®/Toric vs other presbyopia correction platforms, 3) astigmatism correction with IOL torics, 4) health benefits of blue light filtration IOLs
  • LenSx® – Clinical outcome/evaluation of FLACS 1) vs manual phacoemulsification, 2) in low astigmatism management, 3) surgical efficiency
  • ORA – Special populations; refractive and visual outcomes following toric/non-toric IOL implantations
  • Refractive – Clinical differentiators for WaveLight® vs competitors
  • VisCoat® – Clinical evaluations of factors involved in endothelial cell loss or short term increase in central corneal thickness
  • Vit-Ret Instrumentation - Improved visualization and clinical benefits of Ngenuity® Performance and clinical benefits of new instrumentation

Vision Care

  • Clinical implications of lens deposits
  • Understanding lens comfort/intolerance
  • Improving Multi-Focal Lens Success/Penetration
    • Addressing barriers
    • Patient selection
    • Identifying opportunities
  • Compliance with lens wear and lens care
  • New methods to understand lens and lens care performance


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