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Alcon Clinical Trials

Alcon conducts clinical trials in various areas around the world to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of our products. These trials are fundamental to the development of products used to prevent blindness and treat conditions and diseases of the eye.

Clinical trials allow doctors and researchers to gain information on the benefits, side effects and possible applications of new drugs and devices, as well as different combinations, doses and new indications of existing drugs. As a result, we are able to determine new ways to detect, diagnose, avoid and control clinical factors responsible for eye diseases.

Guide to Understanding Clinical Trial Information

Guide to Understanding Trial Information

Clinical trials occur in four phases and help to determine the safety and efficacy of a drug.

Alcon Clinical Trials in Recruitment

Trials in Recruitment

Review a complete list of current clinical trials seeking participants.

Be considered as an Alcon clinical trial investigator

How to be Considered as an Investigator

If you are a health care professional and are interested in conducting a clinical trial, find out how to be considered.

Investigator Initiated Clinical Studies

Investigator Initiated Studies

Learn more about requesting support for Investigator Initiated Studies.