AIR OPTIX® Contact Lenses

AIR OPTIX® brand contact lenses give you peace of mind for patients who want to see comfortably whenever, wherever.

There is an AIR OPTIX® brand contact lens for virtually every wearer.

AIR OPTIX® COLORS Contact Lenses

Naturally beautiful eyes with incredibly comfortable lenses.

AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses offer breathable, comfortable, and beautiful contact lens wear in a full range of colors–with or without vision correction.

AIR OPTIX® Aqua Contact Lenses

Comfort all month long.

AIR OPTIX® AQUA contact lenses have feature protective SmartShield Technology that provides superior wettability1* and resists deposits for clear vision and consistent comfort.


More than just a proven overnight lens.2

AIR OPTIX® NIGHT & DAY® AQUA contact lenses deliver breakthrough technology, including a unique SmartShield surface that provides lasting moisture and deposit protection, and the highest oxygen transmissibility of any available soft contact lens for ultimate breathability.3

AIR OPTIX® for Astigmatism Contact Lenses

Designed for outstanding stability with a predicatable fit.

The unique PRECISION BALANCE 8|4™ Lens Design of AIR OPTIX® for Astigmatism contact lenses, with unique, SmartShield Technology, provides outstanding stability and consistent comfort throughout the wearing period.

AIR OPTIX® AQUA Multifocal Contact Lenses

Designed for seamless vision, near through far.

The unique Precision Profile Design of AIR OPTIX® AQUA Multifocal contact lenses, with protective SmartShield Technology, provides smooth transitions from near to intermediate to distance vision and consistent comfort throughout the wearing period.


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