CLEAR CARE® Solution

Pristine Clean. Irritant -Free Comfort.


Recommend CLEAR CARE® Solution for contact lenses so fresh, they feel like new6.

CLEAR CARE® Contact Lens Solution

Trust CLEAR CARE® Solution for lenses so fresh they feel like new.

CLEAR CARE® provides superior and more complete neutralization of peroxide6

Higher residual peroxide may cause patient discomfort.2-5
Residual peroxide is affected by:

  • Differences in formulation
  • Soak time
  • The number of cleaning cycles with a contact lens case

CLEAR CARE® Solution is designed to balance powerful disinfection with irritant-free comfort.

Residual Peroxide From Cycles 1-301

Low residual peroxide
(100 ppm)6

Data presented are from separate in vitro studies utilizing the same test protocol and control standards. The test hydrogen peroxide solutions were cycled in the accompanying lens cases. For the test cycles (1, 15, 30) the residual peroxide was measured after neutralization at the labeled minimum disinfection time. Means and standard deviations are presented. Alcon data on file, 2014.

As Gentle as Saline
Trust the unique formula of CLEAR CARE® Solution to be more like natural tears than PeroxiClear™ after neutralization.1

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