Alcon Medical Education Grants

Through our medical education grant program, Alcon funds educational activities that seek to increase the number of patients who receive the highest quality, safe and effective care.

Alcon Medical Education Grants
What We Support
Grant Process
Policies and Guidelines
Required Documents

The following items are required as part of the online grant application process and should be prepared prior to submission:

Program DescriptionSee more

A program description should be a one to two paragraph summary of the proposed educational activity. The summary should include the following information:

  • Type of activity
  • Activity scope
  • Attendee recruitment and activity awareness plan

Needs AssessmentSee more

The needs assessment should:

  • State why education on the proposed topic(s) is needed
  • Identify educational and/or practice gaps in health care performance, specific to the target audience, that will be addressed during the proposed educational sessions
  • Include relevant/current references and be based upon a sufficient level of evidence
  • Include multiple sources (quantitative/qualitative methods)

Educational Learning ObjectivesSee more

The educational learning objectives of the activity should be clearly measurable and appropriate. The objectives should be designed to change competence, performance, or patient outcomes and match the target audience's current or potential scope of professional activities. The objectives should be specifically stated and could include the statement, “Upon completion of the program, participants should be able to (list the objectives)."

Copy of invitation or brochureSee more

Meeting collateral that will be used to promote the educational activity.

Detailed AgendaSee more

The agenda should be as detailed as possible and include an outline of the courses, time slots allotted to each topic and a listing of social activities and plans. If the grant request is for an enduring activity, please provide an outline of the activity.

Outcomes Measurement PlanSee more

These are tools used to assess how effective the activity was in improving the knowledge/performance of the participants and/or the activity’s effect on improving patient health. The outcomes measurement plan should discuss the various methodologies you will use to determine if the educational activity met its stated objectives. Evaluation methods may include written instruments, pre and post-tests; follow-up surveys, medical audits, etc. Grant requests must demonstrate a minimum of Level 3 of the Moore’s 7 Levels of CME Outcomes Measurements.

Itemized BudgetSee more

The itemized budget must be a realistic and comprehensive budget for the entire educational activity, not just the items for which you are requesting support. The budget must include any anticipated income from registration fees and commercial support. The attached budget template should be used to submit your itemized budget.

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